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slayervixen's Journal

Femme Fetale

Who Are You? Shareen/Shar/SlayerVixen. Female. Fangirl. TV Addict. Movie Lover. Purple Crazy. Glitter Fiend. Friend. Girlfriend. Daughter. Sister. Dog Lover.Vintage Glamour. DVDs. Holidays. Halloween. Converse. Sunny Days. Music. Books. Pictures.


Movies: Fight Club. Memento. Lord Of The Rings. Cruel Intentions. Dawn Of The Dead. Sleepy Hollow. Halloween. Ghostbusters. Serenity. Star Wars. Labyrinth. The Goonies. The Big Lebowski. Heathers.The Matrix. The Shawshank Redemption. Brick. IT. Speed.Die Hard. POTC. Dogma. The Terminator. Clueless. Blow. Usual Suspects. Rocky Horror Picture Show. Breakfast At Tiffanys. Donnie Darko. Pulp Fiction. Reservoir Dogs. Beetlejuice. Batman. Evil Dead. Predator. Aliens. Finding Nemo. American Pyscho. Se7en. The Shining. Back To The Future. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. The Crow. Girl Interrupted. The Lost Boys. Scream. Requiem For A Dream .Mallrats. Clerks. The Dark Knight. Edward Scissorhands. Empire Records. Dumb & Dumber. Anchorman. The Breakfast Club. E.T. Memento. A Nightmare On Elm St...many, many more.

Music: Goo Goo Dolls. The Cure. Nine Inch Nails. Metallica. Bush. 30 Seconds To Mars. The Arcade Fire. Foo Fighters. Green Day. The Smashing Pumpkins. Depeche Mode. Nirvana. Kings Of Leon. System Of A Down. Pearl Jam. Deftones. Disturbed. Tori Amos. Rage Against The Machine. Johnny Cash. KoRn. Led Zeppelin. Pink Floyd. The Who. Talking Heads. The Killers. Green Day. Kasabian. Razorlight. Simple Minds. Prodigy. David Bowie. Blur. Guns N Roses. Biffy Clyro. I actually like abit of everything.

TV: Veronica Mars. Buffy. Angel. Supernatural. Prison Break. Firefly. Arrested Development. The Simpsons. Family Guy. CSI. Pushing Daisies. Reaper. Dexter. Criminal Minds. Twin Peaks. The A-Team. Bones. How I Met Your Mother. The Hills. Friends. 24. Peep Show. Robot Chicken.

Ships: Veronica/Logan. Buffy/Angel. Willow/Oz. Xander/Anya. Spike/Dru. Fred/Wesley. Dean/Sam. Kate/Sawyer. Michael/Sara. Frodo/Sam. Aragorn/Arwen. Han/Leia. R2D2/CP30. Mal/Inara. Edward/Bella. Jasper/Alice. Carlisle/Esme. Louis/Lestat. Sun/Jin. Jack/Elizabeth. Sam/Dean. Zoe/Wash. Mal/Inara. Ned/Chuck. Booth/Bones. Jack/Chloe. Lauren/Stephen. Chandler/Monica.

Crushes: Jason Dohring. Johnny Depp. Dita Von Teese. Marilyn Monroe. Jared Leto. Audrey Hepburn. Natalie Portman. Johnny Goo. Britney Spears. Trent Reznor. Dave Grohl. Edward Norton. David Boreanaz. Jensen Ackles. Emily Deschanel. Sarah Michelle Gellar. Charisma Carpenter. Sophia Bush. Alona Tal. Rose McGowan. Paolo Nutini. Artur Boruc. Justin Timberlake. Keanu Reeves. Kiefer Sutherland. Grace Kelly. Wentworth Miller. Rachel McAdam. Michael Cera. Matthew Gray Gubler. Ryan Gosling. Christian Bale. Gerard Butler. Ellen Page. Lauren Conrad. Hugh Jackman. Kurt Cobain. Blake Lively. Heath Ledger. Leighton Meester. Neil Patrick Harris. Nathan Fillion. Kristen Stewart. Hayden Panettiere. Katie Cassidy. Kristen Bell. Billie Piper. David Tennant. John Barrowman. Keira Knightley. Abigail Clancy.

WANNA ADD ME?: Please be aware of the following....

I'm very opinionated, if I have something to say I'll say it.
I know what I like and I like what I know.
I like to rant, squee, cry, laugh like the best of the fangirls so beware!!

All in all I'd like to think of myself as a nice down to earth kinda person and I love new friends! If you wanna add me please comment on my f.o post :)

BIG Thanks to misstress_tink for my layout graphics!! You rock. The original layout codes come from arobynsung. Mood Theme was made by the wonderful nattfoedd. Profile banner by iphoenix. You guys are all awesome so big Thanks one and all.

adam brody, angel, arrested development, audrey hepburn, beaver casablancas, britney spears, buffy, care bears, celtic, celtic fc, christian bale, collecting dvds, comics, converse trainers, corsets, csi, darth vader, david boreanaz, david fincher, dean winchester, dick casablancas, die hard trilogy, directors, dita von teese, dogs, donnie darko, ed norton, eli navarro, fight club, firefly, foo fighters, fucking matt damon, garden state, gerard bulter, gizmo, glitter, gollum, goo goo dolls, gossip girl, green day, gremlins, halloween movies, jared leto, jason dohring, jennifer aniston, jensen ackles, john carpenter, johnny depp, johnny knoxville, keanu reeves, keith mars, kevin smith movies, kevin spacey, kristen/sophia, kurt cobain, labyrinth, laurie strode, letting jacob black disappear, lipgloss, logan echolls, lord of the rings, lost, lush, mac cosmetics, make-up, marilyn monroe, marty mcfly, memorabillia, metallica, michael scofield, milo ventimiglia, movie posters, movies, music, my fiancé, naked logan, natalie portman, new york city, nin, peter jackson, pirates of the caribbean, plateness, pretty things, prison break, purple, quentin tarantino, rachel mcadams, robert rodriquez, rock music, rose mcgowan, ryan gosling, sam loomis, sam winchester, sarah michelle gellar, se7en, shirley manson, snow, sophia bush, spiderman, star wars, summer roberts, sunshine, supernatural, terminator 2, the crow, the cure, the goonies, the notebook, the oc, times square, twilight lolz, u2, veronica mars, wallace fennel, wentworth miller